Investing with Syndicated

Syndicated Equities provides accredited investors and family offices with opportunities to acquire interests in institutional-quality real estate. Since 1986, Syndicated Equities has acquired over $2 billion of real estate assets on behalf of its clients. Investments are structured to provide attractive current returns and preserve capital through multiple market cycles.

Full Service Investment Management

Syndicated Equities completes all of the contract negotiations, due diligence, financing and closing requirements for each transaction. During the acquisition process and after closing, our team of experienced professionals manages the complexities of every investment. Investors receive comprehensive reporting of their property’s performance on a monthly basis and annual tax reporting for each of their investments.

Strong Asset Management and Experienced Operating Partners

Syndicated Equities provides active asset management for each of the investments within its portfolio.

Our team of asset managers, which includes the firm’s principals, continually monitors the performance of each property. We oversee all aspects of property and asset management, from refinancing and disposition strategies to specific leasing and expense management items.

Syndicated Equities often forms joint-ventures with operating partners that bring property- specific expertise to our holdings. Our asset management team works closely with our operating partners to ensure that the value of each asset is maximized over both the short and long-run.

Low Leverage, Conservative Financing

Syndicated Equities utilizes low leverage loans in its acquisitions and also makes all-cash acquisitions on a selective basis. Syndicated Equities typically secures long-term, fixed interest rate, non-recourse loans for its properties. We believe that this type of financing best protects investors’ capital throughout various market cycles.

Current Cash Flow

Syndicated Equities acquires stabilized real estate with current cash flow at attractive, market rates of return. These properties are often leased to credit tenants, located in primary markets, and/or feature strong underlying fundamentals. Investors in such assets typically receive monthly or quarterly distributions of cash flow. Additionally, investors participate pro rata in depreciation benefits.

Access Fund

Syndicated Equities created the Access Fund so that individual investors could pursue long term capital appreciation through a globally-diversified real estate investment portfolio. In partnership with a real estate consulting firm that oversees $7 billion for institutional investors, the Access Funds allocate our investments to “best in class” real estate managers throughout the world. The Access Funds provide individuals, money managers, and family offices with the ability to participate in a segment of the investment market that is traditionally reserved for only the largest institutional investors.

Operating Partners