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Choo Choo Hotel

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Joint Venture

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The Property is located at 92 Choo Choo Avenue, within the campus of the iconic 7-acre former railroad station known as the Chattanooga Choo Choo Terminal Station.  The Property currently consists of the MacArthur building, a two-story H-styled building with 75 hotel rooms and a lobby with a double height indoor pool, a 1,675 square foot retail building, and an 81-space parking lot. 

Once renovated, the Property will feature 127 keys/rooms, including a unique offering of boutique hotel rooms in repurposed train cars, state-of-the-art banquet and catering facilities, a lounge/restaurant, and 1,749 SF of retail space.  The existing pool area will be converted into a 3,000 SF, column-free event space with a new roof so that the hotel can better attract high-rated group business such as weekday corporate events and weddings over the weekend. 


Dearborn, MI
Takoma Park, MD
Oklahoma City, OK